Viravaxx AG

Viravaxx AG is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative antiviral vaccines and immunodiagnostics.

For the development of vaccines, Viravaxx converts immuno-dominant protein epitopes into potent antigens eliciting a strong IgG antibody response. This technology allows to design vaccines across different serotypes by addressing invariant regions of the antigen required for receptor binding and virus entry. Viravaxx’s lead product is the clinical-stage hepatitis B candidate VVX001 for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccination – currently in clinical phase II. 

On the diagnostic side, based on Viravaxx’ proprietary microchip technology, Viravaxx develops multiplexed tools for high resolution serum immune diagnostics. These microarrays allow high resolution mapping and identification of epitopes which elicit an immune response following infection. The technology supports the design of vaccine candidates, such as for example of second generation COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

The company’s technology platform and its advances in designing potent vaccine candidates have raised attention in the scientific community. Examplary, Future Medicine has recently interviewed Viravaxx on its approach to combat COVID-19:

Future Medicine India

Online version of full article here