Doctor woman  working with a microscope Scientific Microscope. Medical health care research concept background.

Why we do it

World Business teamwork puzzle piecesTreatments of viral infections remain a global priority. These infections cause death or permanent disabilities in hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Consequently, large efforts have been made to develop anti-viral therapeutics and a number of efficient products are available now.

But despite the fact that harnessing the immune system through preventative and therapeutic vaccinations remains the ideal approach for combating viral infections, effective vaccines are still not available for many major viral infections. The main reasons for this include:

  1. some infections are not self-limited and lead to persistence,
  2. some viruses have developed mechanisms leading to immune evasion, and
  3. certain viruses present themselves in continuously changing serotypes elicited through rapid evolution.

At Viravaxx we aspire to make a contribution to overcoming these limitations for vaccine development by exploiting the full potential of the PCFiT technology.