Doctor woman  working with a microscope Scientific Microscope. Medical health care research concept background.

What we do

dna and medical and technology background. futuristic molecule structure presentation. for business solutionThe core business of Viravaxx is research and development of innovative prophylactic and therapeutic antiviral vaccines as well as virus diagnostics. We concentrate our activities on hard-to-treat viral infections, which have resisted vaccination approaches for a long time. In this area, the company has identified significant medical need and tremendous business opportunities.
For the discovery and development of its vaccines, Viravaxx has access to the cutting-edge PCFiT technology platform developed by its parent company Biomay in collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Rudolf Valenta at the Medical University of Vienna. The technology allows the conversion of non-immunogenic epitopes of surface proteins essential for the virus life cycle to potent immunogens ideal for vaccines. We focus on epitopes which are required for cell surface attachment and virus entry. These epitopes are points of vulnerability for the virus, as their possibilities for mutation and immune escape is limited.
On the diagnostic side, Viravaxx develops multiplexed tools for high resolution serum diagnostics of immune responses against the viruses we are targeting with our vaccines.
Vaccines based on PCFiT and our multiplexed peptide and protein array diagnostic products hold the promise of significant breakthroughs in these fields.